Greetings from Regional SugarBomb HQ Sarawak. Hello and welcome to Tinny2u.com’s site for online purchases. We sell wide varieties of inspiring perfumes that can fulfill your needs and desire to smell expensive with an affordable price. You can also come and visit our shop at Hornbill SugarBomb, No 1 Jalan Nenas, 96100, Sarikei, Sarawak.

Our History

Hornbill SugarBomb was formed on August of 2018, starting from home. It was found by an iron lady by the name Noorya Fatinny or more widely known as Mumy Tinny. Mumy Tinny started with only RM500 as her first business setup as our SugarBomb stockist. It took her just three days before she was nominated to be part of SugarBomb’s Exclusive Partner on August 2018 and garnered sales as much as RM70k. She went up the ladders alongside more than 150 distributors under the wings of Hornbill SugarBomb.

As SugarBomb started to gain foothold around Sarawak, the resonance and the power of its presence made Hornbill SugarBomb earn her first RM100,000 in just within 2 months. And then from there, Mumy Tinny got up from the level of Exclusive Partner and took her next step into becoming the official Mini HQ SugarBomb Sarawak on 2018. Mini HQ SugarBomb started it’s humble operation at a boutique in Sarikei with only one worker to help manage stock takes and operations. Within 6 months, Hornbill SugarBomb successfully achieved its first RM1 mil sales on June 2019 and RM2 mil sales throughout the remainder of 2019.

Our Achievements

Hornbill SugarBomb has had a lot of proven success results by changing many lives in terms of economy especially financial status. It all started from home and then a proper premise with only one worker in 2020, Mumy Tinny had 10 workers and a three store building as her management office alongside warehouse operations on the ground level.

In 2020, Hornbill SugarBomb under the wings of Mumy Tinny has made quite the progressive outcome by earning RM9 million amount of sales. This achievement however is not possible without the help of SugarBomb distributors from all of Sarawak.

Founder/CEO Hornbill SugarBomb
Noorya Fatinny Abdullah Keley